7 ‘Worth-Spending-Your-Money On’ Buys!

There are so many different baby gadgets out there, all claiming to be so essential for new parents and to make your life easier.  But we would all need to have pretty big bank balances to afford to buy them all.  So here’s my run-down of the best products we have bought (and we have bought a lot!) that I feel have been worth the money!

Meemoobaby Meelight £44.99

This is my favourite little buy ever! £45 is quite a lot to spend on what is essentially a nightlight but I have been so impressed with this product.  It is small and compact and the charge lasts for absolutely ages so it doesn’t need charging that often.  It also has 3 settings of brightness which is useful.  The lower setting gives enough light to see if you want to just check on baby and is soothing enough for baby to act as a nightlight.  The brighter setting gives plenty of light to change a nappy in the middle of the night but isn’t so bright that it completely wakes baby up.  It isn’t too disruptive and we had no problems getting Bernie back down to sleep after using it.  It also has a little magnetic clip that allows you to attach the light to your clothing so you can be hands free – a definite bonus. I would definitely recommend and would definitely buy it again!

Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep  Machine £125.99

I love this!!  When I started combination feeding, we were boiling the kettle and letting it cool for 30 minutes every single time (I was paranoid after hearing all the warnings about bacteria in the formula milk).  When Bernie reached 6 months and I stopped breastfeeding my sister in law gave us theirs…and it changed our lives completely (and we had even stopped night feeds by then too)!  Despite not having to pay for ours, I can honestly say I would 100% go out and spend my hard-earned cash on this little beauty – no hesitation!

Gro  Anywhere Blackout Blind – Various Prices

This has been an absolute life-saver for us in terms of getting Bernie to sleep.  I strongly believe that it got him into a good night-time routine and helped him get to sleep.  Especially when the days get longer and it is lighter outside in the mornings and evenings.   It has suckers which stick onto the window glass and Velcro tabs all around so that you can make it small to fit any window (so great to take travelling).  It really does block out the light too.  A top buy!

Babymoov Nutri Baby 5-in-1 Food Processor – £89.99 – £109.99

I didn’t have a steamer already so I found this a really helpful purchase as it enables me to quickly steam some broccoli, carrots or cauliflower as it is there, on the worktop, ready to go.  It is really easy to put together, to use and to clean afterwards too.  Great that you could simply tip the food into the attached blender bit when baby is younger too.  Of course if you already have a steamer and a hand blender you may not want to spend out on something like this but, for me, I think it was worth paying out for.

Nuby Baby Led Feeding Catch All Convert A Bib –  £6.99 for a pack of 2

These are the best bibs I have found.  The bottom part folds up and clips each side which is great as you can open it back out after a meal and wipe it all clean.  I found that a lot of bibs with ‘food catcher’ parts at the bottom are difficult to clean properly and also don’t really catch a lot of the food but as the scoop part on this bib is wider it actually catches a lot of food (unless your little one decides to throw it over the edge of the highchair that is!).  They are wipeable and waterproof too.   A definite must have.

Munchkin 360 cup –  £5.50

A great trainer cup as allows baby freedom to drink themselves (which Bernie loves as he grows older and is becoming more independent (sob!)).  And it does not drip or spill everywhere so no fear of them spilling milk or water over the carpet!

BT Video Baby Monitor 3000 – £64.99

I don’t know about you but I had a mild panic attack when Bernie went into his own room.  In fact I hardly slept for a week!  So we bought a video monitor to help put my mind at ease!  We didn’t want to spend out too much so settled on this middle of the road BT monitor.  And I have to say, for the price, it has been great.  The image quality is perfectly fine for its purpose and the sound picks up everything so you can rest assured if your little one stirs or lets out a noise, you will hear it!  The downside is that there is no way of attaching it to the cot so we have had to balance it on a cabinet in his room but we can see nearly the whole of his cot (which is great as he moves around so much!).  Also, the screen on the parent part is very bright so we have to cover this slightly at night but, if you are looking for a decent video monitor that doesn’t cost a fortune, I would definitely recommend this.

So there you go…the top 7 items I would definitely spend money on to make life a little easier!

Deb x


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