Welcome to our website! We are Stefan, Deborah and our 8 month old baby boy, Bernie and we have set up this website to document our new life with Bernie and our bid to lose weight.  It is fair to say that since Bernie entered our world over eight months ago, we have had our share of ups and downs, laugh out loud moments along with bickering and fall-outs (usually over the silliest things like 'who has dealt with the most dirty nappies', 'who is the most tired', 'who should be doing the washing up tonight' etc., but also over more important parenting issues like routines, whether we should leave him to cry it out, when we should start weaning him) and my blog will record it all!  What we have come to realise is that whilst we may have a difference of opinion on a lot of things, usually there is no right or wrong way to do it and your baby will lead the way.  In fact, Bernie pretty much entirely dictates how our lives are now run  (hence the name, Following Little Footsteps).

One thing we do both agree on, however, is that we have both put on weight during the pregnancy and since having Bernie (yes, it happens to the guys too!) and, like most people, there is a real struggle in trying to lose weight with a baby in tow.  As a new mum, I quickly realised that even though I was at home more than I ever have been, fitting in a run or the gym or a hot yoga class around Bernie was almost impossible to do on a regular basis. I have also found that all the lifting and sitting on the floor has taken it's toll on my lower back so pushing myself with regular, grueling workouts on top of this was simply not an option.

In all honesty, I can't and don't do diets. As soon as I put myself on a diet, food is all I can think about, particularly all the things I can't have and I have lost count of all the times I have started a diet only to lose weight and then return to all my bad habits and put the weight back on! So I decided to review our diet and lifestyle to see if a lot of small changes could actually make a big difference. Over the past couple of months (and since the above photo was taken I'll just point out!) we have both lost over a stone and can honestly say that we haven't felt deprived at all. We have been eating well 90% of the time (sometimes you just need that bar of chocolate, just not all the time) and simply cutting down on meat, dairy and refined sugar, focusing on health and wellbeing as opposed to dieting and losing weight.  As a result we have found that we have been feeling less hungry because our bodies have been getting all the nourishment it needs from the foods we are eating.  

We both still have a stone and a half of weight to lose but I am keen to share what has been working for us as well as hopefully building a community that can encourage and inspire each other not only in our journey as parents but also in losing any excess weight and, more importantly, embarking on a healthier lifestyle.  After all, isn't that the ideal we would like to pass on to our children too?

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a nutritionist but you don't have to be to cook quick, nourishing and, more importantly, TASTY meals. I have always loved cooking and simply hope to inspire people to embark on a healthier lifestyle that also fits around the children!

So as well as my Mummy blog (with occasional inputs from Daddy too) I will also be sharing inspiration, tips and healthy recipes that are easy and quick to make and don't end up costing the earth.

Moreover, since we started weaning Bernie, I have been particularly keen to prepare his food from scratch where I can. After all, we are trying to cut down on processed food ourselves in a bid to lose weight and live healthier so I was struggling with the idea of feeding him out of jars and pouches all the time. Don't get me wrong they have their place and I'll be the first to admit I use them, especially when out and about it is often simply easier and less messy to use the pouches.  Or if I simply need to keep him quiet for five minutes with a rice cracker (Bernie not Stefan!) . But if I can feed Bernie some fresh, homemade food as much as possible that's got to be better, right? Not to mention the environmental impact this can have. And so some of my recipes have been adapted so that I can cook for my little one at the same time as cooking healthy and nutritious food for us...just to make life that little bit easier (and ease the guilt the next time I whip out an Ella's Kitchen pouch - aren't those things great!).

I hope you will join us on this journey through parenthood and changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Stefan, Deborah and Bernie x