Baby’s First Christmas!


Right, what are your views on this topic?  Are you one of those parents who went (or are going to go) all out for baby’s first Christmas or stick to the simple one or two presents and that’s it?

See, I thought I was going to be the sensible parent who bought a couple of little things.  After all, it makes complete sense!  Babies don’t know it’s Christmas.  They won’t know they are getting presents.  They won’t remember it.  And, let’s face it, they will probably be more interested in the wrapping paper anyway!  The amount of toys Bernie already has (nearly 9 months old and we are already running out of space!) and he is far happier playing with the pack of wet wipes or the dirty nappy he, for some unfathomable reason, keeps reaching for no matter where I place it every time I change his nappy!

Even up until a week ago, I was still saying “We are only going to get him a couple of little things to play with, perhaps a new outfit for practicality and maybe a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ bib, just for the novelty”. 

Well, fast forward a week and I have already bought him a personalised Christmas onesie, some Christmas pudding leggings, two pairs of socks with a Santa and Snowman rattles on the ends, three new toys (plus a Reindeer soft toy that he doesn’t really need but it was half price so, hey, it’s his first Christmas so I’m gonna get it!), the obligatory Santa outfit (obvs!), matching pyjamas for us all to wear on Christmas Eve and TWO ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ bibs!   I sincerely hope Stefan does the man thing of not paying attention with regard to this particular blog – I don’t think he actually appreciates how many Christmas related baby stuff is festering in my little Santa’s grotto upstairs!

Oh, and to top it all off, I have also bought him a little Santa Sack to put all his presents in!  HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHO SANTA IS!!!

Yep, reading all that back now and I realise it is absolutely ridiculous and I have been completely sucked into all the clever marketing engineered by these companies who prey on new mums’ vulnerability for cute little babies and all things that will make their cute little babies even cuter!

Every time I bought something that little seed of doubt (or guilt!) would be planted – does he really need another Christmas bib, it’s only going to get a huge mashed up Christmas dinner stain all over it?!  But I bought it anyway.  And whilst  I really do actually need to reign it in now – I’ve had my splurge – what I’m realising is that a bigger part of me actually thinks ‘So what!’.  It is Bernie’s first Christmas and I will never get that moment back.  Yes, there will be many more Christmases to come and it will get even more exciting when he is old enough to appreciate what the holiday season is all about and who Santa is.  But these last 9 months have gone so quickly, even though there were days, sometimes even weeks, that seemed to drag on forever, especially in the early days when I would clock-watch until Stef came home at 6pm. 

And now, I wish I could turn back time and have one more milk-cuddle with him, one more lazy afternoon where he would fall asleep in my arms and I would be trapped for the  next hour on the sofa with my little man, one more baby massage class (which was the first class I ever took him to and really didn’t appreciate it as I would spend the whole class terrified that he would start screaming and I wouldn’t be able to calm him down) and one more night where he slept right beside our bed, his breathing and soft sleepy sighs reassuring me throughout the night.

So that is why I am embracing Christmas and all the gimmicky marketing, cheese and tack that comes with it this year.  Bernie will be wearing his Christmas pudding leggings and his personalised onesie in the run up to the big day, he will be dressed up as Santa Claus, complete with hat on Christmas Day, we will ALL be wearing our matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve, and, god damn it, I will be taking pictures of it all!

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