Mummy deserves a Treat!

We all love to treat ourselves, right? And we definitely ALL deserve it!

At this time of year more than any, I like to try and find other ways to treat myself other than reaching for the nearest cake or a glass of wine.  So I thought I would run through my top beauty products that do just that.  I promise they will make you feel nice and pampered. A great little reward or pick me up after a rough day ‘at the office’.

Origins Modern Friction, £25.00 for 150ml

This cleansing oil is great for making my skin feel soft, nourished and cleansed.  It can be used as an oil cleanser or add a little water to it to use as a milk cleanser.  Either way, my skin feels utterly treated after using it.  So much so that after using it as an oil cleanser I rarely need to put moisturizer on as well.

American Cream Conditioner from Lush, £5.45 per 100g

This is my favourite ever conditioner!  It always leaves my hair feeling soft, looking shiny and smelling gorgeous (and the smell really lasts!). It feels like I have had the luxury of a 15 minute hair mask (not a reality these days unfortunately!) all whilst grabbing a quick shower.  And it is made from natural products from an ethical company – win, win!

L’Occitane hand creams, various prices

Hands down the best hand cream (pun intended!).  I suffer from dry, sore skin on my hands during the winter months and this cream is the best for moisturizing them and making them feel nice and soft.  They are fairly pricey compared to the usual handcream on the high street but I think the extra money is worth it.

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Body Creme, £52.00 per 175ml

Okay, so this one is a bit pricey but this scent is divine! The fragrance really lasts and as it is pricey I do only slather this on if I am going out (out, out!) or if it’s a special occasion (or if I am in need of a serious pick me up!).  I promise you will feel completely pampered using this.  If you don’t fancy splurging this much on body lotion and you have a birthday or an anniversary coming up perhaps drop a few hints (or take a look at the next product)!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star  Deep Moisture Body Milk, £10.00 per 500ml

This is a cheaper alternative and also smells gorgeous.  It is thick and velvety and definitely makes you feel like you are treating your skin.  Perfect for a little daily treat.

Botanics All Bright Face Scrub, £5.49 per 75ml


This is mega cheap but also mega good!  It makes my face feel nice and soft and gets rid of any dry skin beautifully.  Having soft, healthy-looking skin definitely makes me feel like I am paying myself some attention in all the rushing around and ticking the million and one things off the to-do list and, let’s face it, for £5.49 you really can’t go wrong!

Caudalie Divine Oil, £28.00 per 100ml


This is a wonder product.  I discovered it before our wedding a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it.  You simply massage it into clean skin before bed and when you wake up in the morning your skin feels so soft, glowing and nourished.  You can use it on your face and body for glowing, hydrated skin or also on hair to give it a gorgeous shine.  It also smells amazing! I use it mainly on my face 2-3 times a week and it usually lasts a fair while.  A definite must-have for me!

And there you have it!  The perfect products to make yourself feel well and truly treated (without resorting to cake!).  Just give yourselves and your body 5 minutes attention now and again and it will make a world of difference, even after the toughest of days.

Happy January!x

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