New Year, New You??

Well, it’s that time of year again! Where everyone is making resolutions left, right and centre.  Be healthy, be happy, lose weight, avoid alcohol, no chocolate, run a marathon (that can’t be just my husband?!).  Anyhow, the start of a brand, spanking new year means the start of a new you right?  Well, not necessarily!

Don’t get me wrong.  I like to embrace the opportunity to turn a new page, start afresh and reflect on anything I am not happy with about myself or my life.  And a new year is a great chance to do this. But it’s easy to get fixated on resolutions and changing ourselves to the point that a couple of weeks into January people have fallen off the bandwagon or are beating themselves up about failing to keep the resolutions they so solemnly vowed to keep this year again.

Just think Mummy (and Daddy!) you might be perfect, just the way you are!  Perhaps the new year means the opportunity to acknowledge this and start loving yourself!

Instead of vowing to diet and lose the baby weight, perhaps try to focus more on eating healthily and getting least five fruit and veg a day.  That way if you succumb to a bar of chocolate, you won’t beat yourself up about it as it’s all about balance, not restricting yourself completely.

Instead of vowing to cut out alcohol, focus on limiting it instead and aiming to drink more water.  So if you do have a drink or two, it’s okay because that IS allowed!

Instead of beating yourself up about something you are not happy with in your life, try focusing on the positives and making small changes. Even something as little as being kind to yourself!  You’ll be surprised at where all these small changes could lead!

To the new Mummies and Daddies out there, don’t worry about dieting and losing weight or even trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in those early, sleep-deprived days.  Enjoy this time with your little one, they will never be this small or needy again.  Embrace all the cuddles and firsts (they are over in a blink of an eye) and if the poop hits the fan (physically or metaphorically!) let it out, have a good cry and remind yourself that you are perfect; you’re doing an amazing job and it really won’t last forever.  Being a parent is bloody hard and you’re doing a good job, even if you feel like you haven’t got a clue (just remember, the baby doesn’t know that!).

To all the Mummies and Daddies with little ones approaching the first year mark just know that your little one is in good hands (yours or a carer’s) and you have given them the best possible start to their lives and will continue to do so.  Embrace new challenges in your life like a return to work, getting back into shape (if that’s something you want!) and watching your little one slowly become more independent (that last one is a killer, right?).

To all the Mummies and Daddies out there who have older / multiple children, look how well you have done raising your little ones and developing them into little people, ready to embrace that big wide world! Give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Seriously!

And to everyone out there, if you only make one change this year, do this; take some time for yourselves!  Enjoy all the special moments that raising children brings, try and forget the bad (we ALL have them!), and take time to care for yourself, whether it’s a spa day, a nice meal or simply treating yourself to a new pair of cosy slippers (or is that last one just me?!).

After all, as being a parent teaches you, time really does go too fast and life is far too short to not to eat that chocolate!

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