Our Weaning Journey!

So Bernie is 15 months now and is so desperately wanting to do everything himself all the time, including feeding himself with a spoon (he even knows what to do with a fork though I have never shown him so who knows where he picked that one up!).  Whilst more of the food ends up on his face and the highchair than in his mouth, I am in awe at how far he has come!


Gone are the days when all he needed was milk and it has got me thinking about our weaning journey.


At first, I didn’t have a clue what to do. Stefan’s cousin very kindly gave us all her Annabel Karmel books and I would spend hours pouring over them, figuring out what he could eat and what he couldn’t, when he should be moving on to new foods and textures, how to make sure he was getting all the nutrients he was supposed to be having, when to start dropping milk feeds…it was pretty overwhelming, to say the least.


We started off with baby rice and waited until he was just under 6 months and it got to the point where we felt guilty eating in front of him as he just stared at us with a look on his face that said “Why can’t I have that too?!”.  He knew exactly what to do when we put the spoon to his mouth so he was more than ready.  We then moved on to baby porridge and I started cooking up loads of veggies and fruit and pureeing them.  We started with carrot (get a wipeable bib because that stuff stains!), then peas, broccoli, apple, pear…all the usual stuff to get him used to the tastes before starting to mix it up a bit; combining carrot and broccoli, mashing avocado with banana.  There wasn’t much he wouldn’t eat!


I was so confused whether to do baby-led weaning or spoon-feeding that I ended up doing a bit of both.  So after the initial tastes stage, I started giving him bits of banana, avocado, toast etc.  At first, he would simply play with them but we persevered and with time he learnt that he could eat them too.


From there we have progressed to giving him crumpets, bagels, cheese, roasted sweet potato fries, little homemade baby muffins and fritters, blueberries and now he basically can have what we have (minus the salt) which makes life so much easier!

It has taken him a while to figure out that he needed to bite off pieces of toast and to chew food rather than shoving it all in his mouth and trying to swallow…but I think he has finally got it!


I was basically winging it (aren’t we all!) and felt at the time that I had no clue what I was doing whilst all the other mums seemed to just know.  Looking back I was definitely overthinking everything and should have just relaxed and gone with the flow a bit more.  Your baby will guide you through most of it!


So for any new mums out there who are unsure of the next step…I hear ya!  I have definitely been there.  Just trust your instincts.



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